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Meet Matrix

Who is Matrix?

Who is Matrix?

Matrix Equities (MEQ) is a private investment firm specializing in the commercial real estate and technology sectors. Through these prisms, MEQ has pursued related investments in the healthcare, food and natural resource industries utilizing a multi-platform approach to investing both in the United States and abroad.  

Appreciating equity is our primary focus and is facilitated through an array of opportunistic investments sourced and facilitated thru an extensive network of industry professionals and investors. Our focus is on generating superior investment returns via a combination of capital appreciation, current cash flow and debt amortization.



Steeped in a culture of entrepreneurism throughout their careers the Matrix Equities principals have always flourished in emerging growth opportunities.  They are unabashed capitalists who believe in sound corporate governance and responsibility to our community and stakeholders.

The Team

The Team

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Steven D. Soclof,

Founder and CEO

Over the course of a 30-year real estate and investment career, Steven has sponsored and realized significant returns for investors via real estate funds and investment ventures. In total, he has spearheaded over $350 million of investments covering all facets of the investment program including deal sourcing, capital placement of equity and debt, due diligence and management. 

Most recently, Steven has completed a 7-year multi-family investment program as a founding principal of the Tripointe Property Group (TPG).  From 2011 thru 2018, TPG assembled a 7 property, 1,100 unit multi-family portfolio in Florida and strategically liquidated the portfolio in 2018. 

In addition to TPG, Steven has established several real estate investment firms over the past 30 years including Soclof Enterprises, LLC, sponsor of the TRIMAX Real Estate Funds, MassMed Properties, a senior housing investment firm, as well as previous real estate investment positions with leading Cleveland real estate firms such as Mid America Management, EMMCO Realty Group as well as an LITC syndication group in Boston.  

Steven attended the Kellogg School of Management and graduated with MBA in Real Estate & Finance with concentrations in Venture Capital and Non-Profit Management. Steven also has a BS in Accounting from NYU’s Stern School of Business (FKA School of Business and Public Administration).

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Michal S. Soclof,


Tech Ventures

Michal Soclof’s deep technical and management experience is highlighted by a career in software development and strategy, both in start-up and established business and research environments. As a principal at Matrix Equities, LLC, a private equity firm specializing in technology, real estate and business ventures, Michal focuses on technology and growth based early-stage investments both in the United States and abroad. In addition, Michal is actively engaged in developing and growing the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Cleveland, including evaluating new companies and investments for North Coast Angel Fund and supporting women-led initiatives.

Michal was involved in establishing and growing one of Cleveland’s first start-up technology ventures, NetGenics, focused on software for genomics research. During her tenure there, she rose to the position of Vice President responsible for strategy and software development. Later, Michal was responsible for new technology research and development for American Greetings Interactive, focused on emerging mobile technology. Prior to her entrepreneurship and corporate experience, Michal conducted research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, Case Western Reserve University, and NASA Lewis (Glenn) Research Center concentrating on artificial intelligence, spoken language systems and scientific graphic simulations.

Michal earned her Master’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a Bachelor’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

MEQ Affiliations

Current and Past MEQ Affiliations

  • Tripointe Property Group LLC: Work-Force Rental Housing,  Central Florida Apartment Portfolio – Sold 2018

  • MassMed Properties LLC: Senior Multi-Family Housing - Ohio

  • Soclof Enterprises LLC: Sponsors of the TRIMAX Real Estate Funds and TPG 1999 - 2018

  • e-Health LLC: Digital Healthcare Incubator - Israel

  • Timberlane Creative Studios: Sometimes you just have to have a little fun: Just B Cuz Podcast, Weight-Loss Aids, Hand-Crafted Greeting Cards, Videos, Fashion Accessories and anything else that comes to mind!  

  • Manlaw Investment Co.: Multi-Asset Commercial Real Estate Investments

  • NorthCoast Angel Investors:  Start-Up Seed Capital

Investment Vehicles

Investment Vehicles

Matrix Equities utilizes an array of investment vehicles to facilitate its investments including: Private Placements, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Public Securities & REITS, Start-up Seed Funding including Convertible Debt, Direct Investments and Joint Ventures. 


Matrix Equities has also developed expertise in acquiring Illiquid Investment Interests including minority limited partnership interests and stock positions in private investments.


Investment consulting - Review investment opportunities under consideration by other investors to provide insight and direction. 

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